Visualizar’11: Selected projects and Papers – Medialab-Prado Madrid

List of papers and abstracts of selected prosals to be collaboratively developed during the Visualizar’11: Understanding infraestructures that take places in June 14 – July 1, 2011 via

“Rulling Class Studies

de Marcell Mars

Rulling Class Studies (RCS) is a research project which aim is to produce critical theoretical instruments to measure the political, ethical and professional accountability of Google, Facebook, Amazon and eBay (GFAeB) to their proclaimed missions, advertised practices and to a world where their monopolies are taking root.

The first case study is production of the map of Google’s technical infrastructure, analysis of its design, categorized by rules how Google governs users’ and developers’ access to their data, services and development platforms. The map covers the whole spectrum from trade secrets (e.g. distributed fs), commercial services (e.g. gdocs), nontransparent FLOSS development (Android) to open process of FLOSS (e.g. Chromium). “